Saturday, October 27, 2007

Another note to the well meaning folks of my neighbourhood

Dear folks
If your house is on the market, and people will be making appointments to come and look around, and if you want people to actually purchase your house, I have some words of wisdom.

IF YOU HAVE A PARROT IN THE LAUNDRY ROOM PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE WARN PEOPLE IN THE AGENTS REMARKS!!!!!!!! Otherwise, your potential buyer will have a near heart attack and frankly, will be put off purchasing the place.

I also suggest cleaning your carpets, not leaving dirty dishes in the sink, de cluttering your closets and putting childrens toys in an neat orderly manner. Small things that would make all the difference.

So, yeah, I am house hunting. We only have 3 bedrooms, and I think we need 4. And, we don't have a study or a gameroom. So we need a new house. I am not sure hubby is so keen on this idea but since he's not here . . . just kidding - I am doing the ground work so we have some good ones to look at once he gets back. Thankfully he will be back soon - yippee.

Right, well, now that that is all cleared up, a glass of wine I think

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Right, well, we lost.
And, I would like to think that I am a big enough sport to say that they deserved it, but they really didn't. It was more what we didn't do than what they did. Bloody South Africa. At least out players are prettier and don't sport the horrific highlights that some of their players do. Really, and truly, world class rugby players have no business getting highlights. At least this afternoon did prove that England are not rubbish like everyone said they are, and that Bass Ale is wicked good and can improve an afternoon greatly.

Its been a busy couple of weeks. My charity project at work is finally coming to an end and has been extremely successful. We are also thinking about moving. Its likely that we will have a family sometime in the future and our three bedroom house is just not big enough. There was a great foreclosure that I wanted but some bugger got in there before us. most unfair. But . . . i will keep on looking. Hubby might even get some input after he gets home! It also means selling the little house - sounds like a hassle. ick.

Let's see. I'm so upset by the rugby that i am apparently unable to post anything else of substance. I'm just sitting here in my England shirt feeling sad. We do have a wine tasting party tonigth which should be a good deal of fun. These are usually fairly loud nights where the last ones standing are almost always the brits and australians. I really like australians - I think its a terrible shame that some of them don't like brits. But the ones who are willing to talk to me, I completely love. And, I could listen to them talk all day.

enough of that. I think I need to do some laudry

Sunday, October 7, 2007

And what else sucks is the white trash family over the street who allow their awful teenaged sons to play electic guitars loudly in the garage. They really should de camp back to the trailer park from which I am sure they came.
I think homecoming is going to be hard.
We are already arguing - about stupid stuff too. Mainly we can't agree on what we will do for all the various holiday celebrations. He wants to see his family and I want to see mine. Of course, this is nothing new for most families, but I still feel he is being selfish. I don't feel that his parents do anything for us - and then when we try to make them happy, they end up screwing everything up for everyone. I suppose I just don't see why my family should have to step back in order to accommodate his family.

yeah. I know. it will get easier, hang in there and all that. But it sucks.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Well, England has performed a miracle and beater Australia to reach the semi finals of the Rugby World Cup. This really is a miracle to anyone who saw the frankly shocking performance made against South Africa in the pool stages. rock on England

In anticipation of the likely soon return of the hubby-love, I have been attempting to improve my cooking skills. So last night I backed a fairly simple pound cake and then made a chocolate/whiskey drizzle to go over the top. Now, I don't like to float my own boat too much, but that stuff was GOOD!!!! It was random too - I just shoved together a bunch of stuff that sounded like it might taste good together. I think I might try another one next friday night and see if there is secretly a cooking genious hidden inside me.
It doesn actually make me sad though that I never got my Grandma's recipes from her. She's still alive but has dementia so the time to learn from her has passed. She could cook like noone I have ever met. At Sunday dinner there would be a choice of at least two amazing desserts, and usually we all had a hearty piece of each. So sad that all her true genious will go with her.

Now I really must do some exercise. I feel like a big fat lump!!!

GO ENGLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 21, 2007

whine whine whine

Today they said some nice things to me at work about being a citizen. It was sweet. I think I'm really lucky with my job - I don't think that many places would be so understanding and caring.

Well, today I once again went in search of some new clothes. Anyone who has read me before will know that this is an issue for me. Well today was no different. All I want is a black dress. A black dress that is about knee length, is not low cut and is straight in the hips. HOW HARD CAN IT BE???? Evidently, quite difficult indeed. I went everywhere. Nearly every one I tried on fitted just fine on top but then had hug hip areas built in. Banana Republic was the worst offender. What is with the assumption that a size 0 woman has flabby hips?? Is it even likely?? I don't think so. Finally I got one in Target of all places. Its not perfect but it was cheap and it will do for now!!!
So . . . a note to all the fashion designers out there. Not all girls have large boobs and flabby hips!!! No do we want them.


I am quite excited, however, that I get to wear my new hat tomorrow. Its simply stupendous and I can't wait - grey wool with a fabulous satin bow. I have been looking forward to this moment for two weeks. Just wish that the hubby was here to enjoy it. He is amused by my hat wearing family. Maybe I will wear a lovely one to his coming home party :-)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Hello !!

Today I was sworn in as an American Citizen. It was actually a lot more exciting than I had thought it would be. My mother and I even joined in with the national anthem (although, I have to say that God Save the Queen is a lot easier to sing!).

Hubby was excited too. I think he's just pleased his wife is not in danger any more of being deported for her liberal views. Poor hubby. I got annoyed with him today. Went to the mail box and there was a parcel sitting in it. So I thought, oh lovely, something for me. I open it and its a cute "My Little Pony" watch ( I am a big baby and love all that kid stuff). I think, what a sweet hubby. Well, he gets on the phone tonight and he tells me it is in fact for someone over there!!! He bought it for their kids. I thought it was nice that he did that, but I was still kinda disappointed. Oh well . . .

I've had far too much champagne and should probably go to bed!!!!